We have been doing business in northern Vermont for 21 years . 

We supply and erect steel buildings manufactured by Butler Manufacturing Co. who has been in business for over 100 years and offers the highest quality materials and design for the conditions of your area and use.  Each building is custom sized to fit your exact needs.

We also supply a full range of industrial and architectural metal products in our custom fabrication shop.


New Steel Non Combustible Construction:  Professional Office Buildings, Factory Space, Business Operations, Warehousing

Industrial Additions:  Mezzanines, Entry Canopies & Vestibules, Industrial Staircases, Overhead  & Jib Cranes, Office Spaces, Machinery Pits

Industrial FabricationsHeat Recovery Units, HVAC Units, Factory Ventilation, Ductwork, Dust Manifolds, HEPA Filter Racks, Dust Collection , Ductwork, Stainless Steel Guards and Pans, Kiln Hot Stack, Tanks, Mixing Structures, Wash Booths, Kiln Baking Trays, Extruder Tables, Carts and Racks, Equipment platforms.

Shop Fabrications:  Architectural Standing Seam Roof Panels, Stainless and Aluminum Snow Guards, Cupolas, Ductwork, Stainless Welding, Railings, Rocker Panels